Wildflower Honey

One of our honey frames with wax capping removed and ready to be extracted

Our honey is raw, pure and natural.  You can taste the wildflowers in it. We do not filter to remove pollens or nutrients, only crudely strain to remove wax.  Our honey is not heated, preserving  natural goodness and full flavor. 

It takes an entire season, from early April to late September,  for our bees to gather enough honey to harvest. Caring for bees in the Sierra Nevada is more challenging than some other areas with milder winters and abundant spring nectar. But we think our honey is amazing,  with a deep amber color and a full flavor gathered from a wide variety of flowers.

Half Pint
12 oz net wt.
12 fl oz
1 LB net wt
14 oz nt wt
1 Quart
3 LBS net wt
1 pound of honey in a jarpint of honey in a jarquart of honey in a jar

Though the term terroir is usually associated with wine, it’s perfectly appropriate for our honey as well.  Weather, climate, soil, and the plants that grow here contribute the depth and flavor of our honey.   The flavor varies somewhat from year to year, but manzanita, lavender, raspberries and goldenrod can often be identified, plus many more hints of flavor.  We usually cannot get a spring crop in this climate, and so we have to harvest in September. The later in the season honey is harvested the darker it will be and the stronger the flavor.

Honey will stay good for years, if not forever, as long as it’s kept in a sealed jar and not exposed to moisture. Honey should be stored at room temperature. Sometimes honey will crystalize if stored at cool temperatures for a long period of time. This is natural, and crystalized honey can be used just as normal. To re-liquify honey it is best to place a jar in a pan of hot water, not more than 110 degrees F, for an hour or more.

Occasionally, upon opening a jar of honey, you may find flakes or even a thin covering of beeswax.  This is natural and harmless.  Just scrape the wax to the side of the jar and remove with a spoon. Beeswax can be chewed like gum or consumed without harm.