Nucs and Bees

We are able to provide a limited number of nucs for sale in the spring.  Our bees are gentle, healthy, and good producers. Our original stock and queens have come from some of the best bee folks in the California valley and Sierra foothills, but they have overwintered a minimum of one year here in the Quincy area. We make splits in the spring and make new queens. Our bees, Italians or Italian mixes, are well-adapted to the wide changes in temperature in this area.

Our bees never leave the area and so they have very low contact with other virus or disease carrying bees.  We use only natural and organic approved treatments for varroa mites, never chemicals, and there is no residue build-up in the wax or honey. 

When you buy a nuc from us the price includes the installation of the frames in your hive at your location (if you’re in Plumas County) and one follow-up visit for your first inspection (or later). Alternatively, you can pick up a nuc at our apiary and I can transfer frames into your own hive or nuc box. Or you can take the nuc box with you for an additional $12 charge.

A five-fame nuc with a laying queen is $120, including installation and follow up visit.

Because of the later arrival of spring weather (and therefore drones), nucs are usually ready early to mid-May, or later if desired.

To order or discuss nucs email or call 530-927-7580 or 530-283-0118