About Us

Sara sweet talking the bees

Once upon a time, Chris and Sara set up two beehives in their backyard. Working with the bees was such an enjoyable experience that the two hives soon multiplied; queens were born, and more hives were built, everything was abuzz in American Valley. Chris liked to observe the honeybees and care for them and in return, the colonies produced quality wildflower honey. That was the beginning.

Chris makes a very early spring inspection

High Sierra Honey produces rich artisan honey using natural and bee-healthy techniques.  The apiaries sit on local ranches, near clear creeks, where the bees gather nectar and pollen from the myriad wildflowers that grow in the fields and forests of central Plumas County. The buffet of blooms and blossoms includes: dandelions, goldenrod, poppies, dogwood, star thistle, sunflowers, and manzanita (just to name a few). Keeping bees near lands that use natural practices ensures healthy bees and a healthy honey crop. Including bee friendly flowers in your garden is always a good idea.

Apis Mellifera create amazing communities and are wonderful teachers. They teach you to be closely connected to the environment and seasonal cycles where weather, temperatures, and climate have a profound effect on everything they do.  

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